Wedding Veils

Veils types come in and out of fashion but always add romance to the outfit, and it is the one and only day in your life when your get to wear one. There are a variety of styles of veil that can show off your personality with from the fun birdcage to the full length traditional.


When buying a veil the first thing to consider is your dress, find a length that works with your dress consider if you have attendant who can help you manage a full length , does the hem of the veil distract from the shape or detail on a dress.


Then consider the colour, colour is important as the colour of tulle varies, if selecting between two colours it is better to be too light than too dark.


The Balance of details is also important if your dress is heavily embellished it may be better to go for a simple veil so as not to over gild the lilly. When considering detail take into account the weight of the embellishment beaded and lace veils are heavy and require a sturdy hair do to hold them in place.


Then consider the back of the dress at the moment back details are in fashion and it would be a shame to cover the main design feature of your dress with multiple layer of tulle perhaps a single layer of vintage tulle would add the romance without obscuring the design.

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